• Up to 16 drops control.
  • Independent control( without Tablet).
  • "Manual" button for resin purging function.
  • Quick colour change function.
  • Be safer with combined operation with automatic door and E-stop button of injection machine.
  • Independent WIFI Network to communicate with tablet.

Pendent Information

  • 11-inch Touch Screen
  • 4 level of Users:
  • Be able to connect with mobile devices.
  • Screenshot function.
  • Real-time operation and control.

UI Information

Main Interface

  • Interface UI user friendly.
  • Screen responsive since 6 until 16 Actuators.
  • Capacity to visualize the start trigger.
  • Function brake for faster adjustment o cascade.
  • Capacity to visualize status of servomotor temperature and torque.
  • Possibility to import export the files.
  • Full control of torque to protect the cavities.

Program Interface

  • Up to 12 movements can be set for pin.
  • Switch mode of sequential control/screw position.
  • Possibility using 3 different start trigger.
    Injection signal
    external timer
    sensor pressure

Real Time Plot

  • Display graphs of T-Servo Cylinder position and screw position in real time.
  • Graphs of T-Servo Cylinder can be displayed or hidden.
  • Graphs can be saved and paused.
  • Screenshot of interface is available.