• YUDO PACK is a brand that is used in the packaging industry.
  • We have a product lineup for various applications, which warrants high quality and productivity by offering the best possible balance.The guarantee for long service life, which is based on the durability of the product as well as its structural characteristics, is our core capability for our exclusive packaging system.


  • The customer can choose from the 12 kinds of our lineup depending on the kind of resin, design of the product and mold, weight and thickness of the product, or the characteristics of injection.
  • The tip of the spiral type (CS tip) applies the rotating power to the flowing resin so that the mixing efficiency of the master batch would be increased and the color would be changed faster.
  • The donut-type dowel dick and insulator (raiser pad) are applied on the manifold to increase the insulation effect.
  • The optimum heater arrangement and the thermocouple location selection minimize the temperature deviation among multi cavities.
  • Prevent temperature deviation in the poor T/C assembly in advance by burying the heater and the thermocouple in Cu-tube at the same time.
  • The flow channel has a free curve that is applied using ISO technology. The residence of resin is minimized to make resin flow smooth.
  • The partial link-type bush runner insert can be applied so that the flow channel can have R shape.

General specifications