• Direct gate to core / slim two step design
  • WINA TIMO is an exclusive system for rear side injection. It has various nozzle specifications of 215mm~500mm.
  • Since it is standardized with precision by unit length while considering heat expansion, it keeps concentricity within 0.03 at 500mm length.


  • Being in multistep form, it can be applied on a wide range of materials from a small product to a large mold.
  • Because the end part has a slim design, limitless free mold cooling design for the product's shape and effective core cooling are possible.
  • The multistep design minimizes the pressure drop of resin, which should travel far distance. It also keeps optimum speed and pressure.
  • The two-step/three-step heater design enables stable temperature distribution in all hot runner sections.
  • Because it minimizes the property change of resin through stable temperature control, it is fit to a product in which outlook quality is important.
  • It brings excellent effect on highly glossy product and injection, which uses transparent resin, such as PC or PMMA.

Application note