• For color change.
  • WINA COLOR demonstrates fast color change performance because it is combined through liquid channel design, temperature control, and expert processing.


  • Decreased pressure drop and shear stress during injection by minimizing the flow resistance of resin, which passes through the pin guide bush.
  • Optimized liquid channel structure without any dead point occurrence.
  • Minimized flow resistance of resin by keeping the temperature of the nozzle flange at optimum state by applying the flange bush.
  • With a tip shape that prevents the resin to reenter toward the direction of the gate and the specialized gate processing part.
  • Prevents the introduction of resin through the fine gap for a perfectly smooth process with the tip and the nozzle body that are made of the same material.
  • Treatment of mirror surface of liquid channel through the superb honing process, which is selectively applied on WINA color.

Application note