• Precise control of valve pin up to 0.05mm
  • Multi-stage position control
  • Movement speed control
  • Color change improvement function
  • 8zone: 450*500*430 mm
  • Zone control number increases by a multiple of 4
  • Module assembly [Max.128 zone]
  • Mobile phone Wi-Fi control

Pendent Information

  • 10-inch Touch Screen
  • 3 Access Levels:General Operator,Administrator,After Sales Service Personnel
  • Be able to connect with mobile devices
  • Be able to generate reports (.csv version)
  • Powerful operation interface

UI Information

Main Interface

  • Display information of 8 T-Servo Cylinders
  • Display dynamic pin position and torque in real time
  • Display pin state (open/close) in real time
  • Simulate signal
  • Screenshot of interface is available

Program Interface

  • Up to 12 movements can be set for pin
  • Switch mode of sequential control/screw position
  • Program set can be saved
  • Historical programs can be loaded
  • Screenshot of interface is available

Real Time Plot

  • Display graphs of T-Servo Cylinder position and screw position in real time
  • Graphs of T-Servo Cylinder can be displayed or hidden
  • Graphs can be saved and paused
  • Screenshot of interface is available