• Interactive graphical user interface
  • Multiple user options (timer, spm, vfc, shut off, i/o).
  • Manage injection parameters and log files of each mold system.
  • Internet-based central control.
  • Automatic tool diagnostic;Power limit setting.
  • Temperature data saving (USB).

High Performance

  • Free choices of modular cards based on power and gates (5A / 6gates, 15A / 4gates, 30A / 2gates).
  • PID regulator application(0.01s @ PAC).
  • Adopted portable DIN standard cards.
  • “All-in-one”type insulation panel.
  • Patented connectors designed for reliability.
  • Indication of working state by LED(Output / Communication / Error).
  • Fast current protection response(About 0.0001s).
  • Heat-resistant material applied to prevent the components from overheating.
  • Adaptive control of injection machine.


  • Sequence Injection Timer
  • Max 16 Gates(A, B, C, B" Mode)
  • LEDs indicate operation state(output/communication/error)
  • VFC(Valve Feedback Controller)
  • Precise valve gate control by SOL valve feedback
  • SPM(Screw Position Meter)
  • Max 16 Gates(A, B, C Mode).
  • Shut Off Controller
  • Various time control for ground/non-ground and low voltage heaters
  • I/O Board
  • Support In/Out lock function, Alarm , Indicator