30wk,2020 : Successful Case

Product Name:  Charger Housing

Resin: PC+V0

Weight: 30g

System Type: TINA EP

Cavity: 8

Description :

1. Product requires for color change and balance filling. In order to meet customer’s requirement on the injection molding, the use of advanced diffusion bonding technology, effectively ensure the balance flow of the resin, no dead zone, to provide a good color change performance for a plastic product.

2. TINA EP nozzle having the sheath heater and thermocouple embedded on the nozzle body, in which the nozzle is in a balanced state, to ensure fast heat transfer and accurate temperature control.

3. The use of special material for the tip to ensure the temperature balance on the nozzle tip area, extend the working life of the tip, reduce after-sales maintenance, save injection molding costs.