44wk,2019 : Successful Case

Product Name: PC Rear Cover

Resin: ABS

Weight: 423g
System Type: TINA GP

Cavity: 1


1.The injection product is the display rear cover of All-in-One PC .

2. White color, thin wall thickness and high demand on appearance and size are the features of the product, and the mold is equipped with inverted injection system with long nozzles.

3.YUDO TINA-GP-15-VV system is applied for this application. The heating performance of this nozzle type is stable and the nozzle tip structure is optimized. It is our mainstream nozzle type in the field of home appliances, and it has a good improvement on the yellowing problem of white products.

In this application, the weld line problem is solved well by using sequential injection and the products perfectly meet the appearance requirements.