42wk,2019 : Successful Case

Product Name: Axle Sleeve

Resin: PA66+GF10%

Weight: 50g
System Type: TINA EPT
Cavity: 2

1. The plastic material of the car door axle sleeves is PA66+GF10% and there're two cavities in the mold.

2. Thick and uneven wall thickness ranging from 5.0mm to 16.0mm is the feature of the product. As it's the important assembly parts, there's high demand on the size, and shrinkage or deformation is not allowed.

3. YUDO TINA-EPT-08-CC system is applied for this application. The layout of the manifold flow channels and heaters is symmetrical and balanced, the heating and temperature sensing of the EPT winding nozzle heaters are stable and sensitive, and the thread connection of manifold and nozzles is stable and reliable, thus the flashing problem caused by over packing is completely avoided.